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A vast program answering any project : from a reading corner, to the multimedia library, record library, games library, university library. Rainer Schell, architect in the line of those who think that the architecture must be "global", drew this program with sobriety to integrate it into any building.

Attentive to your needs, Schlapp provides you its commercial team and design department in charge of your study including a setting-up, a calculation and a proposal of color suited to your project.

Characteristics of the production Schlapp

Declined in 30 colors: shelving, tables, chairs, low chairs and specific furniture stemming from the same production line, offer a perfect homogeneity and a guarantee of 10 years minimum on the mortise and tenon joints.

Scalable: all the proposed elements are flexible. Easy assembly, dismantling and transformation without dismantling the whole set of shelves.

Qualities of tablets: all tablets are tilting to be used as display stand. Epoxy NOBEL AKZO, finish Futura granite 7 colors, offering a better resistance to the frictions of books.

Characteristics of trays: in massive beech, they are available in 12 sizes. Adjustable and removable separations. Multiple compositions on several heights to limit the pile of books to the ground.

Peripheral furnitures: in the continuation of the range coloured wood or in a wide choice of contemporary models.

Environmental protection: a major preoccupation leads to a use responsible for natural resources, a choice of materials and by an internal approach of the company. Standard PEFC for the respect of the sustainable forestry rules.

Details of manufacturing

With a quite particular care in the processing of the assemblies, the finishes and the solid edge, we produce furniture in beech stemming from certified forests.
Our certification GS confirms this quality and the resistance of this manufacturing in answer to the requirements of our customers.

Means of production

From the drying of wood to the finish of products, the factory carries out all the stages of the transformation of the beech, the raw material of the production. SchlappMöbel has, on the one hand, digitally operated tools managing the machining centres, putting in tint and varnishing, and on the other hand, equipments of series such as chains of planing, milling machines, cylindrical sanders and in ribbons, drills and ovens. The German production is completed in France by two licensee partners carrying out the transformation of the medium, the wood and the metal. At the factory and in Antony, the design department carries out the research, the design of products and the study of the projects.

Photo Usine Schlapp
Photo Usine Schlapp Photo Usine Schlapp Photo Usine Schlapp

History and Situation

Since 1921, the German factory SchlappMöbel, which is located in Neu Anspach near Frankfort, dedicates its production to the manufacturing of wooden furniture intended for the arrangement of community with sociocultural character. The company SchlappMöbel France was founded in 1976.
With four lines of products, SchlappMöbel France proposes complete equipments for libraries, residential shelters, restaurants, spaces intended for the early childhood.


The whole production SchlappMöbel offers a guarantee of 5 years minimum against any manufacturing defect and for the the mortise and tenon joints, specific technique in the production Schlapp. The follow-up of our ranges and the colors is insured for more than 25 years. The restocking is guaranteed 10 years minimum. The models outside our manufacturing benefit from the guarantee of the manufacturer (list on request).


Certification LGA. German standard GS, attributed for the respect of safety standards applied to the products of our manufacturing
Seats: DIN 68 878 et DIN 150 5970.
Shelving, tables, wardrobes: DIN 63861, DIN 16 926, DIN 68 765.
Massive beech and particle boards: M3. Classement CSTB.
Standard PEFC: ecolabel of wood used in the production and stemming from forests of Taunus.